Teamwork in secret

For the flawless interaction between the usually hidden facilities and components: Railway power supply systems by Rail Power Systems comprise not only the power supply systems but also the appertaining, synchronised control and protection technology as well as telecontrol and network systems.


  • Project management
  • Project control / deadline planning
  • Interface management
  • Conventional and detailed planning and design
  • RAMS, EMC, LCC examinations
  • Protection studies
  • Parallel guidance of AC and DC rail
  • Supply of power supply systems
  • Assembly and assembly supervision
  • Commissioning
  • Documentation
  • Training
  • Maintenance
  • Support with troubleshooting



  • Substations and paralleling points
  • Booster and auto-transformer systems
  • Static converters
  • Excitation systems / GTO cascades
  • AC switch gears TracFeed® TAC for 25 kV 50/60 Hz
  • TracFeed® TAA for 15 kV 16,7 Hz
  • Auxiliary systems



  • Substations and track paralleling huts
  • Container substations
  • Diode rectifiers TracFeed® GR
  • Controlled rectifiers TracFeed® VLC
  • Digital control and protection device family DCP 106/ DCP 116/ DCP 126